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I would call my style as a mixture of photojournalism and portrait photography, meaning that you just go have fun and I create great images of you interacting, going on with your day and having a blast. I adore close-ups taken with a 'long' lens and very wide aperture – meaning a sharp subject and blurred background. A documentary photographer is story teller, through pictures. Photojournalism is about the story. It’s about the people.

During the session / day I take many photos and, afterwards, I select the best to edit. These selected images are then crafted by hand to bring the image to its full potential. Overall, I don’t shoot simply for quantity of photos; I shoot so that you will get high quality images that you can hang in your home with pride. People who commission images from me don’t do so because they want a thousand pictures. Rather, they value carefully crafted work and trust my eye to create and select that for them.

Images are captured in a high-quality but unfinished colour format. Each image is individually adjusted, using professional techniques, to tone and refine the image (so called colour correction). Occasionally, after finishing an image in colour, I may create a separate black and white version to highlight the emotion of the image, or to render it with a more timeless feel. If this is the case, you will have the option to choose one or both images for your own use. On rare occasions during a photo shoot, I will encounter lighting conditions that are not ideal for producing rich colour in the image, or a situation in which colour would distract or detract from the image. In such cases, the image will undergo only a black and white finishing process. Thus, if an image is delivered to you only in black and white, then it is considered permanently black and white.

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